Operations To Make A Difference

Environmental sustainability and business performance are not optional extras. They’re table stakes.


Sustainable E-Waste

We empower businesses to take control of the effect their E-Waste has on human and environmental health.

Much of the worlds corporate E-Waste is destined for landfill or illegal open dumps, including E-Waste from some of the worlds most respected brands.

Disposing of E-Waste sustainably, securely and cost-effectively should not only be possible. It should be efficient.

At E3Sixty, we have engineered a profitable sustainability process that allows businesses to make a real impact on the health of the environment while simultaneously supplementing their reputation and growth.

We Process E-Waste Sustainably

  • 100% of the electronics we process is recycled back into the economy.

  • Our process completely avoids landfills and thus reduces environmental toxicity

  • We process 100% of all device materials without the need for third-party operators

  • We enable a Circular Economy for precious metals and other materials

  • We enable a Whole-Of-Life pathway for electronic devices

  • E3Sixty is partnered with the worlds oldest and leading specialist in air pollution management Lodge Cottrell

  • Alongside Lodge Cottrell, we are establishing a global emissions “Super Standard” benchmark.


Efficient Gold Extraction

It is estimated that there are over 5 billion mobile phone users in the world and over 2 billion personal computers. The value if gold in electronic consumption is estimated to be over 16 billion USD annually.

At E3Sixty, Our Urban Mining technology processes E-Waste while efficiently extracting the valuable precious metals inside.

Unlike other processing or recycling methods, our technology processes whole devices without the need for prior dismantling and efficiently separates valuable resources from other recyclables.

We Extract Gold Efficiently

  • At E3Sixty, we efficiently and cost-effectively extract gold from E-Waste

  • Our technology also extracts silver, copper and palladium from E-Waste

  • We process whole devices without the need for prior dismantling

  • Our low-temperate technology reduces devices to a fine ore before extracting precious materials

  • E-Waste enjoys a gold grade of up to 100 times when compared to traditional mining

  • Low operational requirements further increases the efficiency of gold extraction from E-Waste

Clean Energy Harnessing

From individuals at home to corporations on a global scale, the transition to clean energy is gaining steam.

We no longer wonder whether renewable energy resources can power our future economy, but rather, how quickly we can reach an absolute clean energy environment.

At E3Sixty, our low-temperature patented Urban Mining Process is part of this transition. Our technology doesn’t just process E-Waste sustainably. It harnesses clean energy throughout the process. This energy is captured and can be used to power electric cars, home heating systems or any other clean energy powered items.

We Harness Clean Energy

  • The E3Sixty Urban Mining technology harnesses clean energy

  • Clean energy can be used to power the technology or can be captured for re-use

  • Captured energy can power electric cars, heating, water treatment, chillers, energyhub integration and more

  • Each of our plants produces enough energy to power 228 households per year.


Secure Data Destruction

Cybercrime is on the rise and regulation and laws are tightening, putting further pressure on businesses to ensure the secure destruction of their E-Waste.

Traditional E-Waste processing and recycling methods often require a web of different operators to process and transport different materials making it virtually impossible to track.

E3Sixty guarantees the complete and utter destruction of the entire electronic device, literally pulverizing it into a fine powder, rendering it impossible to breach.

We Destroy Data Securely

  • Our technology processes 100% of all device materials

  • Our independent processes alleviates third party risk

  • We process E-Waste into a fine ore making it impossible to recover data

  • Whole devices are processed without the need for prior dismantling

  • The efficiency of our technology allows vast quantities of E-Waste to be processed